Latest Club News:

Club is on summer break and will start regular meetings on September 27.   A club gathering will be held at Lake Sumter Bridge on September 13 in the late afternoon.   Bring your own wine and cheese if you like.   Next regular meeting of the club will be at Tierra del Sol Rec Center, September 27, 2017 at 12:45pm.   Come at noon to enjoy snacks and social interactions .    The program is "Preparing a Photo for Printing".   The photo critique topic is "Photographer's Choice".   Mentoring is immediately after meeting.   Mentoring topic will have more on printing options.

Formal meetings are held from last of September through May on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The club offers informative presentations, mentoring, field trips, photo critiques to aid in development of photography skills. The Villages Photography Club membership is open to anyone who is a Villages resident. Members can access a Yahoo Club site for informative comments on submitted photos. More information about what the club is and does can be found along the tabs or go to the Club Info Tab on menu.   Come to a scheduled meeting to join our club!

Expensive cameras are computer equipment is not required for club membership.   Attention to composition, focus, exposure and lighting are more important than the camera used.

At the last meeting the photos below represent "Prominent Color" photos presented by the club photographers